Selective breeding for quality without compromise... Our Danes start out that way!

These photos may be slow in loading, but well worth the wait!

Puppies on the Couch!

What do you think....they tell me they are my brothers and sisters!!?? (5 months)


Ready for Walk!

 I'm ready for my walk now, Mom. I even brought my leash! (3 months)


We've got rhythm, we've got music! (4 weeks)


Mom said to look to the left! (6 weeks)


That's Dad!!! Let's go get him, gang!!! (5 weeks)


Pardon me; you won't mind my using your butt for a pillow, will you? (7 months)


What a difference a month makes.... (6 and 11 weeks)


I'm hurrying, Mom, I'm hurrying!! (8 weeks)


In 4 years I'll be 5, too, and then we'll see who will be leading whom around.

(1 year old)


It's always the little ones that give you guff!


Are you the pony they promised me for Christmas?

Make that a double ... I had a rough day.

I am all ears, Mom. (3 months)

The Shriners Convention. (8 weeks)
"Hey, give me some of that!"

It's getting pretty boring in here ... what do you think is out there?" - (4 weeks)

I'm a tank ... clank, clank, clank ..." - (4 weeks)

Heaven! I'm in heaven.....Best of bud's.... 3 months old.

As long as I can keep my ball, you can do anything .. (3 months)

Peek-a-boo! (8 months old)

Weeeeh! I think I can fly! (3 months old)


Why do you wear that silly hat on your head?( 2 months old)


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