Selectively bred for quality without compromise... Our Danes start out that way!


Finding the right puppy is not an easy task! What will help you in your search is knowing what the breeders are looking for in their breeding program. MeadoWood breeds for quality without compromise. Our emphasis is on temperament, size, soundness, type and elegance. All our sires and dams are of select OFA certified champion stock. Extensive assistance comes with your puppy in the form of Dane specific instruction manual, ear taping video and lifelong guidance on health, nutrition and behavior.

 After a hiatus of 7 years I decided I have one more litter in me. Here are the prospective parents. The breeding will take place on Sadie's next cycle (approx April) The gestation period is 60 days and then the pups will stay with mom and me for another 8 weeks. So the projected going home time is August. The pups should be either brindle (like dad) or fawn (like mom)       

Ch. MeadoWood's Nirvana v Tremain (Tiggs) Ch MeadoWood's Mercedes v Joha (Sadie)

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