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Please keep in mind that most of the comments you see on this page were written by the adoring owners
and are therefore slightly slanted toward the almost mystical realm that bonds them to their Danes. (Danes will do this to you). We have only filled in the histories of the bitches that actually lived with us or where an owner comment could not be obtained. This is a work in progress.


B.I.S.S. Am. Can. Champion MeadoWood's
Lightning Strikes Twice


It is impossible to describe intense beauty, intelligence and near perfection, but I am going to try. My Blitzen, a.k.a. Bitty Lou, Lou, Bitz, Itson.. was the epitome of what a show dog and family member ought to be. She knew what I was thinking before I even thought of it. She HAD to sit in the passenger seat when driving down the road just to aggravate the cars next to us. She never missed the "golden arches" of McDonald's, as that was her favorite place for snacking, and nearly lost her patience when thing went too slow at the drive-thru. She loved pushing me off the bed, peeking over the side just to make sure I was really on the floor, and then pretended to be sleeping. She loved her trips to Petsmart or any other store where she was allowed to pick out her own toys. She and I were always together, be that in the show ring or at home. I was her only "boss" and she made sure that everybody knew it. If I were to have been a dog, she was what I would have been and if she were meant to have been a person, she would have been me. My heart was filled with her, and hers filled with me. I loved her and miss her with all my heart. My only comfort is knowing that when my times comes, SHE will be there to guarantee my entrance. She always got what she wanted. Gisela's own slogan describes her best; for she truly was a Dane of Distinction .. a Masterpiece.. a MeadoWood Dane ..and for 10 too short years she was mine... I love you, Lou and I miss you

Love, Mom

(Linda Witouski)


Champion MeadoWood's Limited Edition

Champion MeadoWood's Southern Belle

Champion MeadoWood's Excalibresse

Champion MeadoWood's Happy Go Lucky

My children called her "Hopper" from the first day she came to live with us and the name stuck. She was so easy to live with even as a puppy. She did not need much training, but seemed to know instinctively what was expected of her. So it came as no surprise that she was a good show dog as well from the outset. She loved the show ring and all the attention it brought her So she finished in a jiffy, and retired to be her human kids best companion and an outstanding mom to her puppies. One memory I have of her in particular is that she would  teach her very young pups (3 weeks or so) to use the doggie dog to relieve themselves Here she was this very big girl wiggling through the tiny door we had created for the puppies (not for an adult by a long shot) to show them where to go potty. It broke me up every time! Not only was she a good mommy, but also a very successful one: She had  a multiple BIS offspring in her first litter (Milton) and another son, Fred, who won several  BISS titles. She continued to amaze us with lots of other beautiful puppies thereafter. I will always remember her habit of zooming down the long hallway, and doing a spin on the bed before greeting us or any other visitor at the front door. She lived a long wonderful life and in my mind will always be the best Great Dane EVER! Thank you, Gisela, for giving us such a great show girl, mommy and companion for so many happy years!!!

(Pam Tozzi)

Champion MeadoWood's Wyntrebrook Olivia

Champion Lambs Creek Molson von MeadoWood

Champion MeadoWood's Robin

Robin is one of those girls that know her self-worth. When she want a petting she will let you know in no uncertain terms by pushing her head right into your hand and she seems to say "start stroking!" She was the same self-assured girl in the show ring. She finished very fast out of the junior class and became a (very competent) mommy twice in her lifetime. She was the only one that ever surprised me when she decided the whelping box was not a good enough home for her babies and started to transfer them into my king size bed. Well, our opinions clashed on that occasion .. so she made do. She is the undisputed "alpha" among the girls and even gives the resident boys a run for their money. But she loves and respects every human (kids included) who ever crossed her path and she glories in their admiration, because she is after all: beautiful !


Champion MeadoWood's Sweet Cleopatra


Swedish Champion MeadoWood's Sue Ann Diplomatic's

SueAnn was chosen to represent our breeding in Sweden having been exported to the premiere kennel there: Diplomatic's. The year was 1994.In her first show she went BOB and her second she also added a Group1 to that...she finished in a jiffy. Besides winning plenty of BOBs  she garnered several BIS and BISS titles and Group wins and placements while she was actively campaigned. She is a 3 times Swedish winner and one year was the Dane of the Year. She never fell below the Top 10 ranking in any year. She is a quality bitch from head to toe and she imparted many of her qualities to her offspring: She only had one litter, but what a litter it was: Diplomatic's Jane Stuart...Swedish and Norwegian champion, Norwegian winner in 1999 and #2 Dane Of The Year 2002, lots of BOBs and BOSs, Groups as well as BISS, Diplomatic's Janet Jackson: Dutch, Belgian, German, Luxemburg and International champion. Bitch with the most wins in the Netherlands and Belgium in 2000. Saarland and Benelux Winner in 2000 ...and finally Vice Bundessiegerin. Diplomatic's James Harriot: Norwegian and Swedish champion and Group winner in Norway Diplomatics Johnny Walker: Danish and Swedish champion. Besides being Dane of the Year in Denmark, he has numerous BOB and Group wins. Today SueAnn has several grandsons and -daughters in Denmark, Belgium, Japan, Norway, Netherlands and other counties in Europe. She was a consummate mom in the whelping box, a pleasure to show, always willing to please even though showing is not her "bag" anymore. Now a veteran, she'd rather spend her time with her mate, Erik and "Frogman", the cat. She's getting a little pudgy around the middle, but has not lost any of her charm We are very proud of our SueAnn...who wouldn't be? Thank you Gisela for entrusting us with this lovely bitch.

(Bjorn Einarvse& Johnny Nilsson, Kennel Diplomatics - Sweden)

Ch. MeadoWood's Second to None R.O.M.

If "Schatzi" had one wish in her life it was to be rid of Robin who after all ruled everybody with an iron fist and would not tolerate any co-rulers. Schatzi felt she was put on this earth to be top bitch and so those two got into a lot of squirmishes (much to the dismay of their human mother). The reason that they could not get along was that Schatzi was returned to me when she was about 2 years old and by that time it was too late for her to be fully integrated into the pack. But all that notwithstanding she finished her championship in short order after having bred once to Oliver and producing a fabulous litter (one of them being Dusty, a future WD/BOW at the 1999 National)  and giving her the maturity she needed. This combination turned out to be so fortuitous that I repeated that breeding 2 more times, coming up with champions each and every time. Now, finally at the ripe of age of 10 she got her wish: she is the queen bee after Robin's passing...just seems she does not care all that much about status anymore, just give her access to mom's king size bed and she is  happy.


Champion MeadoWood's Yvonna Ys Classy

Ivy, our first champion, never ever looked out of proportion, not even growing up. She never had a case of the "uglies" or the "ganglies". She has always been gorgeous...from the day we picked her up at the airport at 8 weeks of age to now as an adult. Her first weekend out she took a 4-point major reserve at the tender age of  6 months and her first points came shortly thereafter. Then we encountered a major hitch in our personal lives: Daddy Henry had a real tough time traveling due to ill health. So we asked Gisela if Ivy could again come to live with her for the short time it would take to finish her. So Ivy traveled in style in her new handler's motor home from California to Illinois and on to Ohio. She finished with a flourish with 2 4-point majors and the other necessary singles, aided by her incomparable rear drive and all the other conformational advantages she held over the competition.....and when we came to pick her up, the MeadoWood gang had a party! Thank Goodness that bitch was out of there! You see we tried to warn Gisela that Ivy was strictly "Alpha"  and a real handful. She assured us that her resident bitches would put her in her place, but finally had to admit that only her sire, Oliver, was able to stand up to her. Once in the car on the way back to Arizona, she was a perfect little lady, proud to sit in the front seat with "daddy" (where else?), accepting all the attention from the passers-bye. We LOVE every devilish inch of her! Thanks Gisela for your unequaled dedication  to our beloved breed and for the wonderful companion that allows us to sleep in our bed with her.

(Wanda and Henry Smith)

Champion MeadoWood's X-Act Change

Penny is most assuredly a princess: regal, poised and graceful, she is truly an aristocrat. Yet somehow that all falls to pieces when that odd streak of silliness hits her. It is most entertaining when this oh-so-perfect beauty morphs into a giddy, wriggling mass of stripes. Her show career began late, as it took her a full two years to mature into such a lovely lady. At 35" and 145 pounds, she is extremely elegant for such a big girl. Her wins include a BOB and BOS from the classes and a 5 point major Specialty win. To see her trotting casually around in the backyard is poetry in motion. When she alerts to anything, she is breathtaking. With an incredibly pleasant and loving personality, intelligence well beyond average (I think she read the book on training when I was not looking...) and such an eagerness to please, I don't know if I could ask for a more perfectly personable, beautifully rounded gal. She has truly been a joy to raise, know and love and I am so very proud to be owned and loved by her.

(Mel King)


Champion Olivia's Heart Of Fire N Ice

This beautiful girl burned up the ring and sent chills down the spines of spectators at ringside when she finished her championship in 3 back-to-back weekends. She just stood out! Her size made it impossible for any judge to overlook her and her correct conformation cinched the decision. But she is not home she behaves like any other human being: she takes her dog, Sophie, (a Bull mastiff) for walks holding on to the lead in her mouth. While going for car rides she will remind you that she wants to stick her head out of the sunroof, by bumping her head against it. (She loves the traffic chaos she creates with that number). If she feels like cuddling in the car she rests her head on her mom's shoulder or at home she loves to spoon. When it gets cold she burrows under the comforter until she is all covered up and will stay there all night long. (We don't know how she breathes). Her favorite toy is a plush school bus that honks and a plush polar bear that growls, but when she is in season nothing but a a two foot teddy bear will do. She is a character, alright! 

(Gay and Teresa Rogowski)

Champion MeadoWood Celtic FireCracker, CGC

Cracker took her sweet time maturing into the beautiful girl she turned out to be, but once she got her act together there was no stopping her: in just 9 weekends she easily finished her championship, wrapping it up with a bang: a 5 point major! This girl truly loves the show atmosphere (in sharp contrast to her full litter brother "Stormy") and all the trappings that go with it.  No one ever leaves her presence who does not remember her in a special way. She makes sure she is noticed by all. Besides her wonderful conformation and graceful movement , Cracker captures your heart (and mine) with her loving disposition. She wants to snuggle! I am very blessed to be owned by this beautiful girl. 

 (Sandy Delaney)


Champion MeadoWood's Mandalay

You'd think that after 20 some odd years of showing dogs I would have a good understanding as to how it works...well, maybe..but along comes a puppy bitch that turns all your learning upside down: if you have ever been on the famous "Florida circuit" (in January of each year) you know it lasts for more than 2 weeks ..  that can be a drag if you are losing, of course it is exhilarating when you are winning! I took Mandy as a barely 6 months old puppy there one year, but because she was "just a baby" I only entered her into 3 shows .. what a mistake! She polished off two 5-point majors, the sweepstakes and a major reserve! One more win and she could have been finished right there as a puppy! (Probably would have been something for the record books), but in any event it did not take her long to accomplish that goal and when she did, she also went Best of Breed and took  a Group 3! On top of her classical beauty she is an extremely affectionate girl and needs to lie at mom's feet (come to think of it: it's more  on top of mom's feet) when we are watching TV. I just adore her, and I know it is mutual. I her first litter she presented me with "Bravo" and I am sure you will hear of him in short order..



Champion Crosswinds Candi Von MeadoWood


Candi was our second MeadoWood Dane. She was tall, elegant and drop dead gorgeous .Breeder judges would go nuts over her. She just had everything in the right places. It took her all of 2 months to finish her championship. That is what you call a "cheap" champion (at least the handler did not get rich off this one.) Now you would think with all that beauty, she would be a lady, too...NOT...she could always be counted on to find that one mud puddle to walk through or roll in. She regularly returned from the creek that runs in back of our house wearing mud galoshes. I guess she liked the contrast. Whenever I came home I could always count on her to greet me by putting her head on my chest and reminding me that she needed a good petting session. I miss her terribly

(Jack Maurer)



Champion MeadoWood's Minnie von Schattenseite




Ch. MeadoWood's Keep'n' the Faith

"Rosie" is another one of those bitches that was returned to me when she was about 2 years old. I think that is  fine..I just finish them myself! She was a bit slow in getting started, so I decided that she needed some "fill"  and then put her in the ring again. Good move: after that she had no trouble getting the points. She is a very elegant bitch, very busy,  and curious as all get out: she needs to know what is going on! She is an inveterate "counter surfer" (especially when she is pregnant!) No food item is safe from her, but I rather deal with that than a poor eater. (You have not lived  until your dog snubs filet mignon!). She has produced some outstanding pups already (and always BIG litters) and is an excellent mom...Rosie I am so glad you are back in my life!



GD Champion MeadoWood's Mercedes v. Joha


My first Grand Champion! (Well, AKC never offered that title until about 2 years ago,  so she is my first opportunity to have one.) She did it in grand style, too. She breezed through the requirements in 2 months. Not only is she a stunning beauty...she also is a loving girl, not just with me, her special person, but also with all the other people she meets from infants to grand parents. She also acquired her CHIC#88424 which means that she met all the required 4 health clearances for a Great Dane (heart, hips, eyes and thyroid). I am so happy she is in my life, especially when we cuddle up next to each other in bed.

(Gisela Wood)




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