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Please bear in mind that most of the comments next to the individual dog's pictures are made by their respective "moms" and "dads" who are always hopelessly in love with their dogs, as they should be. We at MeadoWood only filled in the ones that either lived with us or where a personal tribute could not be obtained.


B.I.S.S Champion MeadoWood's I'm Stormin' Norman

 Whenever I read the first sentence of our standard: "The Great Dane combines in its distinguished appearance dignity, strength and elegance with great size and a powerful well-formed, smoothly muscled body." - Norman springs to mind. He has all that plus a wonderful loving temperament that captures the heart of everybody he meets. He finished from the puppy classes with four 4-point majors - he went on to his first BISS at the ripe old age of 17 months and a day later to his first Group 1. His subsequent track record speaks for itself. Bred on a limited basis he boasts numerous champion and pointed get. We are indeed proud to own and have bred such an outstanding ambassador for our breed. 

Champion MeadoWood's Camelot Crosswinds

"Woody" is one of those Danes that just love to be hugged and kissed and want to be around you all the time. He loves to play football (you kick ..he retrieves) and to carry sticks around (or stuffed toys for that matter). However, he hated to show. That he finished his championship anyway, attests to his outstanding body build. You just could not look past that boy in the ring! So, I promised him that once he finished, he never had to show again. A promise I kept to his great relief, I am sure.

Champion MeadoWood's Nirvana v. Tremain

BIS, B.I.S.S. Champion MeadoWood's Milton v. Svevo

Milton was a special Dane from the very beginning. A natural athlete who enjoyed running, a natural show dog who loved to be in the ring winning, a wonderful pet who enjoyed being at home playing with his family, and a producer of several champions in the US and Mexico. He finished his championship from the 9-12 month puppy class with 3 majors and won his first BOB the day after becoming a champion. After maturing he started a spectacular show career with numerous BOB wins, Group wins and placements, several BISS and 3 All-Breed BIS wins putting him into the Top 10 Danes for two years . I  am very grateful to John and Gisela for selecting Milton as a puppy and allowing me to have him in my life.     (Sharron Barney)

Champion MeadoWood's Blitz und Donner



B.I.S.S. Champion MeadoWood's Crosswinds Orion

Having had several Danes over a 20 year period, I decided it was time for a "good one". To that end I attended several dog shows and fell in love with "Stormin' Norman" inside as well as outside the ring. His size, temperament, and personality was what I was looking for and after lengthy debates with the family we decided that indeed we wanted to show the pup we acquired out of him as we had promised to his breeder. She arranged for a handler, Michael Chiles, and Odie won his first 3 point major at his first show. We were assured that it was a "big deal", which we could only appreciate after having been in the "show business" for a while.. we just assumed that you win every time you go in the ring. Well, Odie was an easy winner most of the time, he went on to many BOBs, group placements and BISSs. He made it into the Top 20 of all the Danes in this country,  got an Award of Merit at the National and showed at Westminster the next year. Odie was the born showman. He could be hot, tired and bored outside the ring, but as soon as he passed those gates, he was "on". One of my prouder moments was at a show when he won BOB over his sire...then I knew I had a "good one" and that Gisela's breeding program was on track and  produced better dogs in successive  generations. Of course we appreciated his showmanship, his soundness and the kudos that came with having a show dog, but most of all we loved him for being a wonderful companion at home

. . (Jack Maurer)

Champion MeadoWood's Chisholm v. Svevo

Champion MeadoWood's Halcyon

Champion MJM's Le Mans von MeadoWood

All my life I seem to have this quirk of doing things a little differently than most people..some by design, most by accident. One such "accidental" difference was to start my breeding program with a foundation dog rather than a bitch. So here meet "Thumper": at the ripe old age of 8 months at his very first show he took WD, BOW at the 1988 National Specialty with an entry of over 400 dogs, he also went BOS in the Futurity, Best Puppy, and helped his sire win the stud dog class. We were delirious! He finished his championship with 3  more 4-point majors. Best of all he imprinted his get with his superb qualities that are even visible in the 4th and 5th generation. What a tremendous start to developing a line! Thank you, Thump, for all you have done for our breeding program and most of all what you have done for the advancement of out beloved breed! 

MeadoWood's Golden Bear


Champion MeadoWood's Heirloom Can Do


Champion MeadoWood's Play the Game

Parker came into our lives at 8 weeks of age as a huge, clumsy puppy. I was in love! He was shown on a very limited basis during his first 2 years, as he was slow maturing.... always the goofy baby! At just under 2 years I started really liking the way this boy came together..I know Gisela and John had almost given up on us as seriously campaigning their promising puppy.. but he finally grew into himself. We started out in January of that year and he went RWD in his first 2 shows (must have been blind judges ;-) We continued for the next 10 consecutive weekends, and he garnered WD and BOW at each of these shows.  By March Parker became a champion. He was the epitome of the word "show dog". He LOVED being on display for everyone to admire.At home Parker was an intent observer fo everything in "his" domain. He became the boss and Head honcho of our other dogs, but remained extremely loyal to Hilda and myself. He was always a bundle of energy ready to go for a ride, a walk or being the center of attention. We could not have been more proud of our boy, and thank Gisela and John for the support we received and being allowed to be part of Parker's life.

(Steve Arnold)

Play the Game






BIS/BISS-Am/Int/Mex/PR/Carib/LatAm/America Champion MeadoWood's Ultimate Oliver R.O.M.

What can we say about Oliver that has not been said about this dog before? He certainly is an outstanding representative of his breed. In the ring no judge could overlook him. Not just because of his sheer size, but also because of the nobility and dignity he exuded. He had such a breathtaking presence about him that even many a novice uttered the words: "Wow, look at that dog!" His accomplishments are impressive: beginning with his taking "Winner's Dog" at the 1997 GDCA National Specialty and finishing his championship there, followed by too many breed wins to count, numerous BISS, Group wins and placements and a BIS to top it off.. His international titles were garnered in short order while being in the loving care of his  co-owner, Felix Cantu in Mexico. Upon his return to the US he achieved impressive rankings while being specialled and participated in 2 Top 20 events. He brought home 2 Awards of Merit from the Nationals and ended it with a first place in the Veterans dog class at the 2002 GDCA National Specialty. He also won the "Challenge of Champions" at the Lake Shore GDC Specialty against stiff competition. His temperament is legendary. Not only is he beautiful, he is also kind, tolerant, affectionate and always willing to go with the flow. He is a perfect dog to live with. He knows no strangers, just people he has not met, accepting their flattery  with poise knowing that it is his due. He loves the dogs of the female variety...males are a different matter...after all he is a STUD, and as such undisputed king of his household. Speaking of "stud": he is the sire of not just champions, but can boast BISS champion offspring, as well as a few having achieved their CGC, HIT and TDI titles, and last but not least having one follow in his footsteps  to take home Winner's Dog and Best of Winners from the 1999 GDCA National Specialty in California. His latest achievement is his induction into the Register of Merit. (R.O.M.) for having sired 15 champion offspring.  Oliver, you are one in a million!

Click here to see Oliver's Get

Champion MeadoWood's Terragold Remington

Remy has been a blast to  live with. When we first started showing him, he was always in trouble with a capital "T"! He just would not behave for any handler until his human daddy came along. To this date I will never forget Gisela's face when I informed her of the "handler change". Well, we taught her a lesson: Remy and Butch did so well that he finished in less than 4 months and he even won a Specialty during the difficult Florida circuit. He went on to win a few BOBs and is now living the life of luxury with his best buddy Dusty. He is one of the smartest Danes I have had, there is no room safe from him, he has mastered opening doors and can let himself into or out of any room he pleases. Remy is a joy to live with and there is never a dull moment with him around.

(Vivian St. Pierre) 


Champion MeadoWood's Razzle Mr. Dazzle

Our Razz was a beautiful brindle with great size and outstanding movement! He did all we asked of him in the ring and was a beloved family companion.

(Barbara Grote)


Champion MeadoWood's X's and O's








Am/Int'l. Champion MeadoWood's Terragold DiamonDust

Dusty has been my dream come true. From the moment I picked him up at "grandma" Gisela's he has been the most enjoyable and wonderfully loving Dane ever. He is everything a Great Dane should be. He is not only beautiful on the outside, but inside as well. There is nothing and nobody he does not love, be that human or animal. Dusty started his wonderful career at 6 months and 2 days when he went WD and BOW for his first major. From then it has been a whirlwind..he ended up finishing with 4 majors one of which was obtained at the 1999 National Specialty in California where he went WD, BOW (that was one fantastic weekend: he also went Best Junior in the Futurity and RWD at the accompanying Specialty). He can brag about numerous BOBs and group placements. He was also the Dane ambassador at the Eukanuba Classic at the "Meet the Breed" booth. He has appeared in several TV shows and is the mascot for the 2003 National Specialty video. He loves walking around with a stuffed toy in the mouth sometimes  trying to bark at the same time. One of his pals is a Chihuahua and a cat that allows him to lick her nose. But his most favorite pastime of all is to ride around in a golf cart. Dusty is one of a kind and I feel blessed to have him in my life.   

(Vivian St. Pierre)


Champion MeadoWood's See Ya Later Gator

Shown on a very limited basis, this handsome boy finished with a flourish, not to mention four majors! His first weekend out he won "Best Puppy" and "Best in Sweepstakes". Shortly thereafter , he took a big Reserve and then a 5-point major at the Hoosier Specialty. The next time he was shown, he took "Winner's Dog" (and a few BOW) all four days at the Kentuckiana cluster (including 3 majors) and he was done! What a weekend that was! Here we are a few years later and we are still walking on air over that one! Though Gator is truly an exquisite representative of the breed, at 37" and 185 pounds , it is not simply his size and outstanding winning record which makes him so endearing to all who know him. He has an abundance of personality along with a perpetual playful "puppy streak". Like Woody, his father, the Gator boy has no idea he is all grown up and I have no intention of telling him! He greets everybody who visits him with a stuffed toy in his mouth and he thinks they have just come to visit him! And talk about a "Mommy's" boy: he wakes me up in the morning bringing me a toy and buries me in them when I feel under the weather,.. .he is in tune with my feelings. He loves to snuggle on the floor, spoons better than most people and is most content when I whisper pretty things in his ear and hold him close. He whispers pretty things back to me, though it sounds more like groaning to the average observer. He is probably the ONLY dog I have ever known who can look absolutely striking while standing in the backyard with his "jolly-ball" hanging out of his mouth. (I'll never know how he pulls that one off) He is probably awaiting visitors, you know ;-) Despite his age and size , he will always be my "Pitty 'Itttle Guy" (one of his many nicknames). He has been an absolute joy to raise, know and love.  I am so proud to be his "Mom".

(Mel King)



Champion MeadoWood's Royal Crown TDI


Due to his typey head, impressive body, overall soundness, great size and steady temperament, R.C. gained his championship by 15 months of age with 3 majors. He even went on to his BISS title before the age of 2 years.....but then he found his real calling: he passed the extremely stringent tests to become a TDI (Therapy Dog International) and he now spends most of his Sundays together with his dedicated human mom at Edwards Hospital and Linden Oaks outside of Chicago bringing joy and comfort to the patients there. What a testament to his temperament! What a dog!

                                           (Gaye Schaul)




Champion MeadoWood's Stayin' Power

If we can have a soul mate in dogs, Donny is mine...he is the most perfect dog that ever existed for me. He never does anything wrong...knows what I need from him the moment I need it from him. He loves life and is happy no matter what he is doing. He is a true showman..he will do whatever you ask of him in the ring no matter who is at the other end of the lead, as long as he thinks you are deserving of his attention. Donny started his show career by winning a 3 point major at 9 months and finishing at 14 months (taking BOB over top specials). On the way he won numerous sweepstakes and made me a very proud mom. He is my best...Thanks, Gisela! 

(Robin Mohrmann)








Champion MeadoWood's Tiger Woods

Tiggi finished with 17 points among them 3 majors. The last two he acquired in Florida in one weekend with me,his new owner. I guess, the new partnership put a fresh wind under his wings. He also underwent a slight name change to "Tylor". He is my first Dane. From the first day we met we had an uncanny bond with each other. That bond has only deepened as time has progressed, and I can easily say that he is the most impressive, beautiful and loving dog, I have ever owned. His personality is nothing but comical. He reminds me of a little kid, curious about everything and happy doing anything, as long as his "daddy" is around. Tylor is a head turner: strangers who don't even know that he is a Dane approach me either due to his size, beauty or unique markings. Either way, he is always happy meeting new friends. He brings new meaning to the title: "Gentle Giant", and at times he can even be a bit whimpy...who has ever heard of a Dane befriending kittens? Well he did  when he was staying at my parents' home for a short while and he "babysat" a litter of my mom's kittens. And you should see the sad look on his face when  bath time rolls around! But most of the time he is fun, playful, loving and a beautiful couch potato. Gisela, thanks again for breeding my best buddy!

(Zach Knipe)

Champion MeadoWood's James Bond 0-0-Seven

"The name is Bond...James Bond. Just like my human counterpart I am handsome, suave, and de"bone"air. After my teenage years, I finished my championship from first point to last in less than 4 months with limited showings. My hobbies are: skateboarding, sunbathing and riding in the "Bond" mobile with my dad. I don't like to admit to it, but I also love to carry a toy around in my mouth for hours on end...unless I am asked to do it, in which case I spit it out. Pride, you know! I have continued to show successfully in the Breed and Group rings and love the petting and wonderful compliments from all the people I meet at the shows. To make my bliss complete I would love to meet one of those fawn or brindle Bond ladies to share a moment of passion..."

(Trudy and Mel Saleem)



Japan Champion MeadoWood's Unser Pascha

Pascha is the full litter brother to Oliver. He is probably one of, if not the biggest dog we have ever bred. His size, square body and beautiful coloring attracted buyers from Japan where he is the adored family pet and oh, yes, he also finished his championship there. According to reports from Japan, he is easy-going and the children's favorite playmate.


Champion MeadoWood's Stormin' Norman Too

"Stormy" is the proverbial "mush". He loves to be hugged , kissed and petted. He brings bribes in order to get that accomplished: stuffed toys mainly. Because he is so soft, it took him a while to be comfortable enough in the ring to finish, but once he got going there was no stopping him: he finished within 3 months, bringing home 2 big 5-point majors from the difficult Florida circuit, and these together with two previous 2 point singles and another one in Michigan perfected the score. I promised him he'd never have to step in the ring again, if he got it done...he did ...and he is resting comfortably on the couch...thank you!



Champion MeadoWood's As Good As It Gets

Adonis came to me at 8 weeks, picked by Gisela and shipped from Ohio. I can still remember the first time I saw him: it was love at first sight! At the tender age of 8 months I started his show career at the Tar Heel Circuit in NC. Unfortunately he came home with a kennel cough which quickly escalated into pneumonia. I thought I was going to lose him as his temp soared over 107 degrees. Thanks to the help of my great vet and lots of prayers, he recovered without side effects, surprising everyone!  After a brief hiatus, he returned to the ring and took his first major from the puppy class. He went on to win 3 more, finishing with a 5 point major, owner handled all the way! He was a blast to show and my best friend through thick and thin. He loved everybody he met, be that human or animal His favorite thing was to get down on his elbows to play with the little dogs he met at the shows. He always made people laugh with his antics. Outside the ring he was a hellion, but once inside he would go to work. His love was unconditional and I always felt safe with him by my side. When he reached the grand old age of 8 I was so proud of how great he looked. He moved like a young dog! However, shortly after his 8th birthday I noticed a lump on his leg and he started to limp. He was diagnosed with bone cancer. He fought long and hard, never losing his happy-go-lucky attitude. When the time came he went peacefully across the bridge to wait for us. Part of him still lives on in our new addition to our family, Skylar, his great great grandson . Thank you, Gisela, for picking such a special dog for me. He will live forever in my heart!

(Johanna Northstein)



B.I.S.S. Champion MeadoWood's Academy Award





Champion MeadoWood's Summa Cum Laude




Est & Sw Champion Est W'07 MeadoWood's Delight of Life  


It was in March 2004 when Andy, at the age of 8 weeks, flew from Chicago to Finland, the country where Santa Claus lives according to European legend. From the moment he stepped out of his crate, he captured our hearts with his delightful personality. Andy is a very balanced dog and he enjoys silence around him even though it can be hard to come by in a family with three small and active boys, Ollie, the Collie, and two cats. He loves the whole family with all his BIG Dane heart and Ollie, the Collie, gets to set the speed. Andy's biggest passion is to play and cuddle with his stuffed toys, and he enjoys warmth and comfort, be that in front of the fireplace in winter or snoozing in the sunshine in summer. He developed  and matured steadily into the handsome young man he turned out to be. He is a happy travelers and won't leave the car out of his sight when it is being packed with his show equipment. He finished his championship easily, and is now Finnish, Estonian and Swedish champion and working on his International championship that has to wait until next year due to rules and regulations. Due to his easy-going nature he is such a heartbreaker and will have his offspring enter the ring pretty shortly. We are privileged to have Andy with us and thank you, Gisela, for sending us this real "Delight Of Life"! 

                                           (Jaana and Kirsi)


Champion MeadoWood Terragold Diamond Marquis

Sterling has been a lot of fun since he came to us at 8 weeks of age. At just 18 months old he has blossomed to a beautiful boy inside and out. He is a happy spirit and loves the show ring. He loves to share kisses with everybody that will accept them. I am thrilled to see how well he has done at such a young age, especially going "Winner's Dog" at the 2006 GDCA National Specialty. He seems to always be in a good mood, especially when he thinks he is going to a dog show. It is fun seeing him twirl around in circles when he is excited, which caused him to be nicknamed "Twirly Boy"...and he sure has stolen my heart!          (Vivian and Butch St. Pierre)



Champion HFO's One Helluva Storm MeadoWood


Born a singleton puppy on Friday the 13th on a blustery, snowy afternoon, Ice had many great expectations to fill ... and he did and then some! When you look at him you have to be impressed! He is a BIG boy, lots of bone, muscle and substance. He has a magnificent front, a strong rear, beautiful neck and head. Then you meet him: he has never seen a stranger, just people he has not met before; he has  an exuberant personality to die for... the proverbial Lab trapped in a Dane's body. He exudes confidence. He will investigate everything and try his paw at anything. He loves to meet people and other animals, and he will play until he drops. On the other hand he is the eternal "momma's boy". When he spoons, he is halfway on top of me. I guess that's  payback for letting him sleep on my chest when he was a pup. He is our first "litter" and home-bred champion here at HFO Danes. He loves to show and moves like a dream. The more people applaud,  the more he likes it. He has that "look-at-me" attitude that judges cannot deny, I put 13 points on him owner-handled (including a major), had to take a little time off and then he finished the 2nd weekend back out. Thanks, Gisela, for a wonderful foundation  to what we hope will be a remarkable future

(Teresa Rogowski &Gaye Rogowski-Haney)





Ch.. MeadoWood's  Humble Knight, Baxter RN, CGC, TDI   


How do I describe Baxter? He is the best dog in the world! The smartest, kindest, gentlest dog I have ever known. Everybody probably thinks their dog is the best, but my husband and I are veterinarians and have the pleasure to work with incredible dogs on a daily basis, and trust me: Baxter is the best! He is incredible in the show ring, winning his championship and taking "breed" in 2 countries. He wows the crowd while waiting his turn by waving, covering his eyes and bowing. He loves showing and really gets the crowd involved!

 He also loves agility, obedience and excels at tracking! He trains with our local Search and Rescue team. His tracking ability is phenomenal. In the beginning  we were teased by all the Malinois and Lab teams, but they quickly fell silent.  Once, while following the scent of a "lost person" we came across a squad of US Navy Seals. Baxter ignored them, tracked right through the crowd and continued over creeks and through brush until he found his man! He is also the first Great Dane to participate in Cadaver Dog training for Search and Rescue He traveled as a Service Dog on 3 jets to train for this specialized field and amazed the flight crews with his calm demeanor...they even pinned airline wings  to his jacket! Baxter is a true ambassador of our breed and people love to shake his paws and take pictures. 

He is also my hero! Last year he protected me from a Grizzly bear on a local jogging trail. He got between me and the bear, allowing me time to escape. He came through unscathed! He is truly the impersonation of the "Apollo  of Dogs"! Thanks you, Gisela, for breeding such a fantastic dog.

                            Angie and Jeff Johnson,  Kodiak Veterinary Clinic, Kodiak Alaska

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